How Much Does Fence Staining Cost and Other Frequently Asked Questions

If you have ever wondered how much fence staining costs you are in the right place. The answer is, it depends. It depends on a lot of variables such as the age of the fence, size of the fence, how many obstacles that the staining company will have to navigate while staining. You see, when staining a fence the most important thing is not staining everything else! In order to do that, special processes are used to keep stain off of concrete, windows, out of pools, off of plants etc. The more of these “obstacles” you have the more your project will likely be. You may say, well I don’t want to pay very much. If that is the case, be prepared to have many of your belongings and your neighbors for that matter ruined. If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, all you need to do is hire an amateur one time! In the end however, it is not really all that expensive and it will save you thousands over the life of the fence in costly repairs, wood decay, warping, splitting and cracking. The best way to find out how much it is, will be to have a professional give you an free estimate.

Why should I stain my fence?

There are many home owners who stain their fence because it improves their properties curb appeal. While it does improve the look, staining your fence can actually be a wise investment that will save you money in the long run by increasing the life of your fence. By staining your fence with our quality stains you will protect your investment from the harsh Oklahoma environment, U.V. rays, mold, and mildew growth, while virtually eliminating all wood warping as your fence ages.  Keeping your wood fence stained with an oil based stain keeps moisture out of the wood which prevents it from the harsh freeze thaw cycle that causes wood to split and crack.

How long will the stain last?

All of Standard Paints Wood Defender® stains have a 2 to 3 year warranty depending on the type of product selected. The warranty that comes with all of our stains has actually been tested and is based on extreme climates like Texas, Oklahoma and Florida, where some of the highest humidity and U.V. ray measurements have been recorded. You can feel confident, as we do, that all of our stains last well beyond the manufactures warranty period. Here in our Oklahoma climate the Semi-Transparent Stains generally holds up between 4 to 5 years, and the Transparent Stain between 2 to 3 years. By setting up a maintenance program with Patriot Stain and Seal we can increase the life of your fence, deck, or pergola indefinitely!

Why should I have my fence, deck, or pergola stained professionally?

Patriot Stain and Seal only uses the highest quality commercial grade stains from Wood Defender® which are not available at any of the local home improvement warehouses. Wood Defender® stains are all deep penetrating oil based products that protect your lumber from the inside out. We offer two completely separate products that are uniquely and specifically formulated for their end use. One formula is specially designed for fences and the other formula for contact surfaces such as decks and play ground equipment. Both of these highly durable uniquely designed staining formulas leave a uniform finish with absolutely no drips, runs, or lap marks visible, we guarantee it! The common products sold and used by most do it yourself home owners are not oil based and do not penetrate into the lumber. Unfortunately this makes these products extremely difficult to work with and merely puts a surface film on the wood similar to a paint. This explains why these surface film forming stains peel, blister, and crack within a short period of time after their application. If you are interested in staining your own fence or deck, we supply all of the stains shown on our color charts.

What’s the difference between the Semi-Transparent Stain and the Transparent Stain?

Wood Defender® Semi-Transparent Fence Stains – Utilize opaque pigmentation at a reduced rate to achieve a stained appearance. The unique pigment combination has been tested to prove its unparalleled U.V protection. The Semi-Transparent Fence Stain is backed by a 3 year manufacturers warranty. This is our most popular formula. It works extremely well on new or cleaned structures. The Semi-Transparent Fence Stain is backed by a 3 year manufacturers warranty and typically lasts between 4 to 5 years. The three most popular colors in this formula are Sierra, Sable Brown, and Rustic Oak.

Wood Defender® Transparent Fence Stains – Utilize ultra fine Trans-Oxide pigments to highlight and reveal all of the wood grain while staining and protecting the fence. Trans-Oxide pigments are ground so fine they are very resistant to Ultra Violet Rays. The Transparent Fence Stain is commonly desired on a new Cedar or Redwood fence where the customer is striving to highlight and glorify the beauty in the wood grain. The Transparent Fence Stain is backed by a 2 year manufacturers warranty and typically lasts between 2 to 3 years. The two most popular colors in this formula are Cedar Tone and Oxford Brown.

Will you be able to stain around my home, pool, shed, concrete, plants, etc. without harming them?

Absolutely, at Patriot Stain and Seal our goal is to leave each job looking better than it did when we arrived. We protect your house, concrete, vehicles, landscaping, pool, gutters, downspouts, windows, and anything else that might catch a breeze of over-spray while we are staining. We are also extremely careful to protect any surrounding property as well. Patriot Stain and Seal continues to grow because of our reputation for high quality work, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction. We put everything we’ve got into every job we do, giving you the most quantity and quality possible!

Does the temperature affect the application of the stain?

The finished result will NOT vary between 34 and 99 degrees making staining here in central Oklahoma possible in nearly every week of every year. When it comes to a successful staining application, we focus on moisture more than temperature. As long as the core of the wood is not frozen (above 34 degrees for one to two hours before the application) the wood can receive a successful treatment. All wood has a natural moisture content to it, and if frozen will prevent the proper penetration of the stain. More about moisture: We will never stain a wet fence due to rain, sleet, heavy fog, or snow. The wood needs a full 24 hours to dry out in most cases. That’s why we always recommend turning your sprinklers off the day before we are scheduled to stain your fence. How long does the stain need to be on my fence or deck before it can get wet? Although we try to schedule jobs so that you get 12 to 24 hours of dry time, the truth is that it can rain 30 minutes after the end of the application with no ill effects. The stain only requires 30 minutes to soak into the wood to be completely sealed and weatherproof. This is backed by and guaranteed from the manufacture.

Why do I need to stain it? It’s brand new and looks just fine like it is!

Wood is organic. Mother Nature has a way of recycling all of her organic material, it’s called decay. The gray that shows up in the wood is mold and mildew rotting the structure away right before our eyes! The best time to stain and protect a fence, deck, or pergola is shortly after it’s been installed. By sealing it up before Mother Nature sets in, you can avoid the deterioration process all together and extend the life of your fence, deck, or pergola indefinitely! If left untreated your lumber will turn gray within a few short months (the average gray time is 12 to 16 months depending on how much moisture the wood encounters). The life of an untreated fence will run anywhere from 5 to 7 years (on average) before replacement becomes necessary. A well taken care of fence, deck, or pergola will maintain its integrity throughout the homeowners lifetime.

My fence is already gray! How will you be able to stain it? Will the gray show through the stain color?

Your fence, deck, or pergola can be cleaned and restored to it’s natural wood color. See our before and after page for pictures of this procedure. This process will remove all of the built up mildew and mold growth and allow us to stain the wood as if it were new. Some people use power/pressure washers to achieve this, but we prefer to carefully apply bleach for the cleaning of all aged structures. The chlorine solution is far less abrasive and allows us to get a better end result after the staining is complete. We have also found that using power/pressure washers at 2700-3500 psi significantly damages the wood by raising the grain, leaving streaks in the wood, and causes the structure to have pulp on the exterior that leaves an undesirable finish. This high pressure also pumps moisture into the pores which is the source of mold and mildew growth causing further damage. The proper cleaning and preparation of the woods surface is a crucial step in obtaining the desired look after the staining has been completed.

I’ve had minor repairs to my fence over the years (now there’s new and old boards showing) Will you notice this? Can you make it all look the same?

After proper cleaning of the aged boards we can bring them back to their natural state and make them blend well with the new boards. We strongly recommend the Semi-Transparent Fence Stains on any structure that requires cleaning or has had any repairs so that a uniform appearance can be achieved. When the warranty has expired and we want another coat applied, will you have to strip the stain in order to apply a second coat? No… All of these products utilize a modified oil formula that enhances penetration and does not leave a surface film. The lack of a film on the surface of the wood makes re-coats a snap. In many circumstances if the stain is in good condition on the fence there will be absolutely no prep work required for a re-spray. The ease of re-coats allows Patriot Stain and Seal to establish a fence maintenance program with our customers, returning every three to six years to re-spray the fence.

How long will it take to get an estimate completed?

We generally get out to complete the estimate within 3 to 5 business days. We guarantee a response to your request within 24 hours of being notified, letting you know that we have received your request and will be out to complete the estimate as quickly as possible.

After we confirm that we want the work done, how long does it generally take to complete the job?

We can usually get out to complete your staining project within 1 to 1 1/2 weeks, depending on the previously scheduled workload and weather conditions. We thrive on great communication with our customers, keeping them informed on exactly where they are on our schedule. We always provide as much advanced notice as possible, never arriving unannounced.

Do you have to come back and seal the wood after it’s been stained?

All of Standard Paints, Inc. Wood Defender® fence stains and deck stains are specially formulated to do both the staining and the waterproofing all in one application!